1-on-1 Coaching


Three fully-packed, 60-minute sessions to bring you clarity and insight around your gift and purpose.  Our time together is everything coaching is designed to be—part exploratory, part action planning and 100% about helping you to dig deeper and get clear about who you are and what God brought you here to do. (Available in-person or via Skype.)

Here’s how we’ll get it done:

  • Session One: We’ll brainstorm to discover your natural gifts, passions, and childhood curiosities in contrast to your current work. Here, we’ll start to uncover the path to your purpose. You’ll walk away with more clarity and detailed action items to prepare for our next get-together.
  • Session Two: Next, we’ll vet various options for you to delve into and create a clear path to your next steps. In this session, you’ll be pushed out of your comfort zone to explore the possibilities.
  • Session Three:  Our final meeting of the minds to answer the big question…WHAT’S NEXT?

This program includes unlimited e-mail access to me between sessions to help push you, keep you motivated, and hold your feet to the fire to get it done!

You’ll walk away with a customized Preparing to Launch! report detailing highlights from our sessions and clearly defined action steps to follow as you begin to apply your gift.

Investment: $450

(Installment Options Available)




You’ve defined and embraced your gift.  You’ve started to shape the vision.  Now it’s time to share it with the world.  These ten transformational sessions will unfold into a comprehensive business, operational, and marketing strategy to take you from idea to launch.  We’ll break down your customized plan into phases and maintain momentum along the way with 10 bi-weekly sessions.

This program is high intensity, but you’ll come away with everything you need to bring your God-given dream to life. (Available in person or via Skype.)

Here’s how we’ll get it done:

  • Session One: Defining Your Uncontested Market Space
  • Session Two: Money & Models (Finances & Business Models)
  • Session Three: Business Timelines & Milestones
  • Session Four: Creating Customer Profiles
  • Session Five: Products, Services, and Partnerships
  • Session Six: Building Your Team
  • Session Seven: Telling Your Brand Story
  • Session Eight: Building Your Online Presence & Platforms
  • Session Nine: Time Management & Building Momentum
  • Session Ten: The Big Business Launch!

Unlimited e-mail access keeps me right there with you every step of the way, and your comprehensive "Ready to Launch!" Report  will be your reference guide and road map to unleash your gift and boldly fulfill your life purpose through a profitable, sustainable business.

Free Bonus Check-In:  Within four weeks of your final session, we’ll get together for a 45-minute session to assess how things are moving along.  We can talk about anything that needs to be tweaked, where you feel unsure, and how to keep building and powering ahead. 

Investment: $1300

(Installment Options Available)



In this power-packed 90-minute session, we'll discuss your current business strategy and how to get you on track to reap the type of growth you want to see in this next level of your business. This session is for entrepreneurs and business leaders who currently offer a product or service.

Investment: $200


dream hurdles Coaching

Whether you are a business owner or work for someone else, life and every dream has a set of hurdles that require some coaching on how to leap over them and onward to the finish line. Without proper coaching, these hurdles will trip you up from achieving your dreams every time.

What are the hurdles? Poor time management habits, family & relationship challenges, organization chaos in your home or office, and lack of a really good assistant who thinks one step ahead of you to achieve your ultimate vision. Here's a quick look at the Dream Hurdle Coaching Sessions offered:

Time Management & Organization Coaching

Whether you're trying to figure out how to manage the numerous projects coming your way or how to balance work and home, allow me to partner with you to define your priorities and create time & organizational systems for your space that help to support what you want to see happen this year. You only get 24 hours in a day, let's work together to plan to use them well. Your dreams are depending on it.

Investment: $175 for the first 90-minute session

($125 for subsequent 60-minute time management sessions that you may decide to request within 90 days)


Coaching for Your Executive or Personal Assistant

Having the right Executive Assistant is like making sure you have the right running mate in a Presidential Campaign. That person should understand your total vision, have your back at all times, and be able to handle the things that are not your highest and best use. He/she should be similar to a high-caliber Chief of Staff who is able to anticipate your needs before you even make the request. For over 15 years, this is what I've done for high-profile millionaires and organizational leaders in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Allow me to take the load off you by working with your Executive or Personal Assistant. The return on your investment will be priceless!

Investment: $200 per session or $725 for bundle of 4 sessions

(Onsite or via Skype. Travel expenses may apply. )

Group Sessions & Speaking Engagements

There is something energizing to me about working with groups. Whether it's a single session or series for a small group of 5 in your home or hundreds of women at a venue, let's work together to create a dynamic event to help propel women into their destiny. Popular messages include:

Purpose & Gifts – Distinguishing and identifying your gift, purpose, and passion and how to use them in the world; how to go after your dreams when you don't have support; and the value of purging old habits, things, and relationships to attract what your heart yearns for most.

For Girls Only– They say, "Little girls with dreams become women with vision." I believe in the importance of helping girls realize their potential and power early before the world and even well-meaning family members sow seeds of doubt in their hearts. Specifically designed for girls (ages 10 - 18), we'll tackle the importance of being a dreamer and championing one another as young women. There is also a segment that can be added to this dialogue for parents and caretakers of our young girls. A small gift can also be added for each girl to take away with her.

Relationships & Marriage – As women navigating your dreams, you can't exclude some of the roles and challenges we may encounter in our personal lives. Providing the right tools and group support can make the difference in fully realizing your dreams. In all of my "conversations" about marriage, I provide authentic dialogue about topics that are also faith-based and sometimes difficult for others to navigate. Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • False Submission Appearing Real:  How to Truly Submit
  • Marriage Roles in A Modern World: When She Makes More Money Than Him
  • Operation Family: Creating and Living Out Family Mission Statements
  • Let’s Talk About Sex: Managing Different Sex Drives and Expectations in Marriage
  • Foreign Love Languages: When Your Spouse Doesn't Speak Yours
  • The Single Girl’s Guide: Preparing a Heart, Home, and Spirit for Marriage as a Single Woman

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