about the dream ARCHITECT,

Michelle McKinney


There is a dream inside you. It’s a yearning to do what you were put on this Earth for, the thing that only you can do. You feel it gnawing on the inside of you when you allow yourself to stay in a job that you’ve outgrown. Your soul says, “There has to be more to my life than this.”  Guess what? It’s right.


I will help you realize that what God has given you—the gifts, the passion, the purpose— is so much richer, so much more powerful, and so much bigger than you know. I will help you to Discover It. Dream It. Plan It. Do It.  

This is my soul work, my heart’s desire—to help women discover, define, and boldly live out their God-given dreams.  

You don’t have to let your dreams go because of lack of time or resources.  You don’t have to shrink behind someone else’s vision or play small to make others feel big.

That's why I'm here...to help you make it all come to life.

A bit about how this all happened…

I was born into a family of builders.  

My family owned a construction company, and for as long as I can remember I’ve been in the midst of entrepreneurs who were constantly designing, thinking, creating and tinkering.  When I was old enough to see over a desk, I began straightening and organizing contracts and invoices.  Then, ordering supplies. And then returning calls to customers and managing client jobs for my father.  I guess you can say I was a natural. 

My love for keeping people and things in order led me to the corporate world.  As an Executive and Personal Assistant, I thrived in the whirlwind of it all—the high energy, swift pace and the demand for organization at the topmost level.  What I discovered during those years was that my work was about more than just keeping my bosses on task.  It was about clearing a path, moving the little things out of the way so they could focus on the bigger stuff.  It was about helping them to do the work and finding tools and resources so they could be better and do more. 

It was about helping people to push past fear to see and create a bolder vision for themselves and their work by sparking ideas and lighting those inner fires that simmered deep down inside of them.  

That feels so satisfying.  So thrilling.  So right.  

I launched Dreams Unleashed knowing that this was God’s big dream for me. Sometimes as a wife, mother, leader, and philanthropist, I didn’t know how everything I had ever experienced—both personally and professionally— would all come together. But He knew and it did.  

I am fascinated by the idea that every woman can fulfill her God-given destiny before she leaves this Earth.  My not-so-secret mission is to create a world where women push past their fear into a realm of unshakable faith, stop playing small, and boldly declare who they are and what they were created to do.

I am Michelle, and as a Dream Architect, I help women to design, construct and bring their dreams to life.

I’d love to chat with you, so meet me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to say hey.  Tell me what’s on your heart, where you feel stuck, or what ideas you’re sitting on.  I can’t wait to help you unleash your dreams. 

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Founder & Dream Architect