Your Dream Needs A Dream Defender


Sometimes, you just want someone to help you vet and organize all of the ideas and/or challenges that are swarming around in your head.... be it business or personal. Perhaps your girlfriends, your significant other and your family just don't get "it". You need someone who will help you unload it all and come up with some solutions to just handle it.

With over 20 years of experience working with senior executives as they juggle business and personal issues and another 10 years working with newlyweds and married individuals as they sort through life, I can confidently say that I understand exactly where you are in the crossroads. As you unload with me about what's happening, I'll help you unpack it with practicality and some spiritual wisdom so that you can get moving in life. Sometimes your next step may be a referral to another professional while other times it's a set of action items that you can tackle yourself. Stop tossing it around in your head alone and let's get to some solutions. (In-person sessions available in Prince George's County, MD or via video conference call).

In your coaching session, there's so much we can cover including but not limited to:

Laying the groundwork to discover your purpose;
Aligning your purpose with your career;
Developing your small business idea;
Killing self-sabotaging behaviors and/or
Balancing the demands of work & home.

Daytime and limited number of evening slots available.


If you're ready to reserve your slot or learn more, simply complete the brief form below to request a proposal, invoice or further information.