Whose life are you really living?

Sometimes, you just want someone to help you vet and organize all of the ideas and/or challenges that are swarming around in your head.... be it business or personal. Perhaps your girlfriends, your significant other and your family just don't get "it". You need someone who will help you unload it all and come up with some solutions to just handle it and make things happen.

My name is Michelle McKinney and I exist to help women discover, define and confidently live out their God-given dreams.

As women, we are many things to many people: wives, girlfriends, sister friends, mommies, ministry leaders, caregivers, bosses—the list never ends. In the midst of being everything to everybody, at some point, we all lose ourselves along with that unique person God created us to be.   

So many things demand your attention, so what do you do?  You tell your dreams to hush up and play dead.  You suppress that longing in your heart and what about that secret dream someone told you as a little girl was too far-fetched or didn’t make sense? Yep, that’s the one. 

And no matter how hard you try, you just can’t let it go.  That, my Dreamer friend, is God nudging you, urging you, calling you, and offering you a glimpse at the big picture for your life. Stop holding yourself back. From Him. From them. From us. Because until you step into the FULLNESS of your gift, the world will be missing a dynamic piece to its puzzle. C’mon, we're all waiting for you.

Somewhere, at this very moment, there is a person who needs you to be BOLD & BRAVE.

You are someone's prayer in waiting. Answer them.

Unsure of your gift or purpose?

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From the time you were created, God placed gifts and talents within you that would contribute to the overall good of this world. Together, we will help you discover those gifts, your passion, and your purposes in this life. We'll also look into what's the best option for you -- start a business full-time or as a side gig, work for someone else utilizing your gift, or volunteer your time to benefit the cause that's important to you.

Let's define your gift!

Paralyzed by fear and doubt?

What if boldly living out your purpose means you'll have to let go of the comforts that you've known in terms of stability? What if it means you'll have to get comfortable with failure and stumbling? Are you willing to risk it all so that you can live the life you were always meant to have? Are you wiling to walk through the fire, to exchange the "good" for the GREAT? Trust me, it won't be easy but it will be worth it!

Let me help you push past the fear!

Lack time or funding?

Do you feel stretched thin, and wonder how you will find the time, funding, and people to boldly live out your dreams? If your dream requires additional people and/or funding, we will help you discover how you can make it happen. Whether you are single or married with a demanding job and personal responsibilities, your time is still NOW. You have everything you need at this stage to move towards your dream.

Let's find the resources you need!



Michelle McKinney is part coach, part girlfriend who really gets you but more importantly, she's the best professional to help you stop thinking about your dreams and actually start living them.”