Speaking to Groups

There is something energizing to me about working with groups. Whether it's a single session or series for a small group of 5 in your home or hundreds of women at a venue, let's work together to create a dynamic event to help propel women into their destiny. Popular messages include but are not limited to:

Purpose & Gifts – Distinguishing and identifying your gift, purpose, and passion and how to use them in the world; how to go after your dreams when you don't have support; and the value of purging old habits, things, and relationships to attract what your heart yearns for most.

Marriage & Mission (For Single Women) - in this raw and transparent discussion, I'll help singles identify the key characteristics to determine the difference between a man who can help propel your God-given dream and purpose versus one who can ultimately derail you and trust me...just because he's a Christian, that won't guarantee that he's Mr. Right for YOU.

Juggling Marriage & Mission (For Married Women) - we'll discuss everything that perhaps your mama forgot to tell you. Especially for fiercely independent women, having the two become one as you blend finances, children, and dreams can be a bit tricky and honestly, down right frustrating if you didn't discuss these touchy topics in-depth before marriage. Add into that formula, connecting sexually on a regular basis, parenting, and the demands of a 9-to-5 career, how do you make time to pursue your God-given passions and purpose? Whew! It's a lot but trust me, we'll laugh and gain clarity as I share my own experiences after being married for 18 years and having coached hundreds of couples in premarital counseling. Even more importantly, we'll look at advice from the Bible and glean from what wise women shared with me that ultimately saved my marriage AND my dream.

Brainstorming Group Session: What's Your Next BEST Move? It's one thing to "make a move" but how about your next BEST move? In this transformational and interactive session, participants will identify what's really holding them back from boldly pursuing their goals and God-given dreams. For some, it's time management or lack of clarity and focus, while others may be derailed by bad habits or the lack of a great support system and team. Whatever their "it" is, we'll use my 7 Key Questions to guide ach woman to a place of greater clarity and next steps. I'll leverage my 20 years of experience in helping Senior Executives and Millionaires overcome their hurdles to achieve success at work and home. This session is fun, authentic, and personalized to be a win for each participant.

For Girls Only– They say, "Little girls with dreams become women with vision." I believe in the importance of helping girls realize their potential and power early before the world and even well-meaning family members sow seeds of doubt in their hearts. Specifically designed for girls (ages 10 - 18), we'll tackle the importance of being a dreamer and championing one another as young women. There is also a segment that can be added to this dialogue for parents and caretakers of our young girls. A small gift can also be added for each girl to take away with her.


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