Perhaps you've read a dozen financial books and you've taken all the money classes that have come your way. You know WHAT to do but you just can't seem to stay on track with your money goals. At Dreams Unleashed, we believe that more often than not MORE INFORMATION is not what you need, instead it's accountABILITY that's most needed to get you on track and keep you there. 

Join us for this 9-month journey as you meet with your small group virtually (or in-person if you're local to Lanham, MD) to discuss your money goals, bi-weekly check-in, and via our on-going chat platform between meetings. In our first session, you'll meet the ladies within your small group co-hort as each person shares their money story and the vision for where they'd really like to be. In the second session, we'll create and commit to SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Bound) goals to set you up to win in your finances. 

We meet bi-weekly. Each month, Session A is 2 hours in-person or virtually (depending upon your geographical location) while Session B is a quick 1-hour check-in to gain accountability to keep you on track and/or celebrate your wins - big and small.

Periodically, you'll hear from a Money Mentor who has been where you are but are on the other side of living financially free. Because this group is intended to support you in putting into place the financial practices you already know and what's known in the collective of the co-hort, this group is not run by my a money expert; The focus of this co-hort is accountability, transparency, and transformation through a safe and welcoming small group environment.

As women, we are ALWAYS stronger together. Let 2018 be the year you end living paycheck-to-paycheck & being overwhelmed by debt. Become part of this transparent tribe of women who will champion you, challenge you, and support you as you take control of your cash flow, debt & money habits. It's time to end the cycle and stop sabotaging your dreams. Apply below. Application process closes Sunday, February 18th. Deposit to participate is not due until you are accepted into the program.

What's the Investment?

Your investment is $897.
After being accepted into the co-hort, you have the option to pay the program fee upfront or in installments. The installment agreement includes a downpayment of $297 with four consecutive monthly payments of $150 to follow each month through our auto-debit platform.

All payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable. For installment agreements, there is also a $150 early termination fee that applies should you decide to terminate your payment agreement or exit the program prior to its completion.

Ready to Apply? 

To apply to be considered for an upcoming small group cohort, please complete the below form. No money is due until you are actually accepted to participate in the small group.

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