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When Sitting In Your Underwear Is Not Enough: The Singles Experience

Michelle McKinney presents..

When Sitting On The Sofa In Your Underwear Is Not Enough...a singles experience for the gal hoping for more.

This singles experience will challenge your thinking about your ideal guy, how to find him and how to kill everybody's opinion, including your mother's about why your Mr. Right hasn't shown up yet. Are you willing to let go of the list of hopes you've tightly held to your chest and openly discuss what's keeping you from THE MORE? Michelle wants to get candid...are you ready?

While there are Christian-based undertones to some of the messaging, if you've ever been in a session with Michelle McKinney, you'll know that her delivery is one of authenticity, transparency, practicality and fun. She pulls no punches and dives right into what most people won't say about life, marriage, and pursuing your dreams -- including finding and attracting the man that you really want to do life with - for the long haul.

About Michelle McKinney

Michelle McKinney is the Founder & Dream Architect of Dreams Unleashed, helping women to discover, define, and confidently live out their God-given dreams. She is fascinated by the idea that every woman can fulfill her God-given destiny before she leaves the Earth. Sometimes this shows up in the form of building a business, elevating yourself in the corporate sector, serving in your community, or building an incredible partnership with the man of your dreams. Whatever it is for you, Michelle wants to help you push it from just a dream to your reality. And sometimes we just need a bit of guidance, some accountability in key growth areas and a great coach who will hold your feet to the fire to get it done but who is also like a girlfriend who just kind of "gets it".

Michelle has served as a co-facilitator for premarital counseling to over 300 couples and singles over a span of four years. Her dynamic teaching style, coupled with the wisdom she's gained from being married for 19 years makes her a valuable resource as she shares what most won't give you. Find her at