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When Marriage Is NOT "Happily Ever After"

  • Seasons 52 Bethesda, MD (map)

An Intimate Pre-Valentine Dinner & Conversation for Married Women


Maybe your dream was "Happily Ever After"....your man, a couple of kids, money flowing in the bank and a hot sex life but lately, happy is one of the last words you would use to describe your marriage. And especially as we loop around to Valentine's Day, you'd rather skip seeing everybody with the roses and chocolates and the relentless questions of "what did you get?". Maybe things have been feeling sour in your marriage for some time and the only answer that keeps sinking in your head and heart is "maybe we just need to call it quits...I'm tired...he's tired...I could do this by myself and I'd be totally fine." Look sis, I totally feel you. Married for 19 years, my husband and I have been through some rock bottom times but somehow we're still standing...I'm still standing. As women, we carry so much and oftentimes it's the secrets and burdens that we hold about the truth of our lives...because the standards by which we measure our own marriages are often the carefully curated highlights of social media and sometimes our very own Christian circles where the couples to be "admired" are quite honestly often just painting on a smile just before they put their love on display for "the people" to applaud.

So before you go another season, feeling like you're all alone and before you throw in the towel, I want you to join me for an intimate conversation over dinner about navigating the rocky waters of marriage. In this raw, transparent, and safe space, I'll share some of the tough issues we've battled and how we're still fighting for our marriage. The advice and experiences I'll share are what I wish someone would have shared with me during those really tough years.

...and just because you need a moment to exhale, the Four-Course dinner prepared by Seasons 52 just for you will be amazing. The connections you'll make at the table will be priceless. I won't be here to push anything on you....that's for you and God to work out. But what I will do is authentically share with you the deep waters that you may need to navigate...just if you decide to give it one more shot...this time with the support of some women who totally get it and ultimately want you. But then again, maybe you have your mind made up, come join us anyway. Space is limited to 10 women so don't spend too much time debating; purchase your ticket today. It's your own little Sweet Valentine's Day gift to deserve it.

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