Recap: The Singles Experience (Washington, DC)

What do you do when you have a room of 9 single women ready to have an unfiltered conversation about men, relationships, faith, sex, everything in between and how it relates to your purpose? You bring in personal chef Dorien Murphy, get a secluded space and just kinda dive in because you know it's gonna get real! The May 21st Singles Experience in Washington, DC was fun, thought-provoking, honest and transformational. And true to form, God's plan for the day took over. As I told the ladies, I had plenty of content and things to share but we were gonna take this thing to church. Not in the traditional sense because I wanted to stay clear of ALL THE THINGS that the church tends to feed single women and instead share something that I would have wanted to have when I was a single woman.

Christian Lifestyle Blogger, Tiffani Denham of Breakfast with Tiffani, had this to say about The Singles Experience on Instagram:

I gotta be honest, I was pretty skeptical about yet another singles event. The LAST thing I need is someone telling me what’s wrong with me and what I need to improve on to attract the right guy, OVER IT! ✋🏾 But #thesingleexperience was so NOT that at all. I’m not a fan of “fluff” and honesty that’s what I have experienced at some past singles events. But today, I got some real MEAT, literally and figuratively. Shoutout to Dorien Murphy for our BOMB lunch! I NEVER thought I could enjoy beets like that. Thanks Michelle McKinney for fostering an atmosphere where we could not only discuss our relational goals and aspirations but also our God given purposes. These goals though, I’m about to straight CRUSH!

So if you missed it, be sure to sign-up for our News & Events section. Some of our events are created for a larger audience while these type of sessions are intentionally intimate to foster the kind of dialogue and transparency that makes it worth giving up a day with friends or your nice cozy spot on the sofa.

To Tiffany Johnson who decided to bring her camera to the event and lavish us with all of these beautiful photos, you wowed us. Big thanks to Stephanie of Faith Over Everything who served as my event assistant for the day and whose company printed our gorgeous golden swag bags filled with goodies from Aveda, SoulCycle, and Blue Mercury. And as if the goodies in the swag bag weren't enough, we had an angel donor provide Andy Stanley's "The New Rules for Love, Sex and Dating". More to come on that book because I'd say it's the best book I've read on ever and I'm hopeful that we'll do a little bit more with it for a larger group of women. Stay tuned.

But overall, it was so incredible, I'm confident that if we had our pjs, we would have wanted to stay over and chatted into the early hours of the morning. Until next time, friends. Here's to unleashing dreams in every area of your life!