4 Keys to Stop Missing Out on Opportunities....

Like many women living out their dreams, I like to say that I'm dual-careered. I work 40 hours a week for a corporation utilizing my administrative gifts to support a busy executive. I also spend at least another 20 hours in the evening and on the weekend building my Dreams Unleashed business. Often times, many people try to keep things separate (and I do too in terms of my time and resources) but it's a beautiful thing when the two intersect. Let me share how Dreams Unleashed helped support my corporate client recently in an unexpected and impactful way.

My boss was invited to speak at a recent event in Maryland. I showed up for moral support because I love watching her do her thing; she's crazy talented. As I had known before, she was going to be speaking about personal branding and building a personal mission statement. Per usual, she had everything all set and ready to go. But not only did she deliver a keynote segment, she also had to lead 5 round robin workshops for about 50 young people in their 20s so that they each walked away with a clear and effective mission statement as they enter the workforce. Now one of the things I LOVE about my job and the company I work for is that people like my boss really enjoy sharing the stage and developing talent. To my surprise, after sharing my personal mission statement with her, my boss not only allowed me to co-lead with her but really gave me a platform to share my passion and skillset as it pertains to goal setting and how to craft a personal mission statement for life. It was a really BIG WIN for everyone: me, her, and these incredibly talented young people who are getting ready to take their communities by storm. They now have a guiding principle by which to live their life and to be intentional on what opportunities to pursue, which to accept and which ones to avoid at all costs.

photo:  rashida banks

But none of that would have been possible if my boss had not given me one of the greatest things you can give someone -- OPPORTUNITY. Opportunity speaks love, concern and faith. So often, we want people to just hand us things but opportunity is action. It makes you put some skin in the game because you've got to work for it. Opportunity is literally a game-changer and I want you to know how to really lean into it. Here are my top 4 things I want you to remember as you look to maximize opportunities in your life:

  1. Prepare Now. Don't wait for "it" to happen. By the time your opportunity shows up, you won't have time to get ready. Everything I presented during that session was material I had been cultivating and sharing at other speaking engagements, coaching women 1-on-1 and in group sessions. I didn't have any notes...everything was on my internal hard drive and I added my passion for teaching and speaking. 
  2. Represent. You must, must, must represent the person giving you the opportunity well. They're taking a risk with sponsoring you for that opportunity. Show up polished and honor the trust they have put in you to perform. Girl, you better DELIVER! And even if you don't but you put your best foot forward, it's cool because you did what I want to share as number 3.
  3. Take Risks. Don't you dare play it safe. Let them see something different in you. Get uncomfortable because you never know if this is the one door that will unlock many other doors to come. Jump out there and come back with no regrets on what you "should have done". Promise?
  4. Seek Out Opportunities. Nothing landing in your lap or no one asking you to deliver? No worries. ASK. I know it's vulnerable but as they say, a lot of times we have not because we ask not. Yeah, they may say no but GIRL what if they say YES?!!! And here's the thing...I want you to look closer at your life, your relationships and where you are on a daily basis. Have you maximized the opportunities that are already in front of you? No....like really? In your church...in your neighborhood...in your home invite some people to serve...whatever...CREATE YOUR OPPORTUNITIES if it feels like you've been forgotten. Stop licking your wounds and looking at everybody else's highlights. You don't know how she hustled behind the scenes to make that happen. The same God who created her, created you too with a hustle get-it-done mindset and a bag of gifts that you've got to leverage. You can do it.

So...let's get working ladies...you've got some opportunities to leverage that will change not just your household and community but nations. I can see it!

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