God Supersized My Dream

Girrrrrls!!!! Oh. My. Gee!!!! Whether it be my Vision Statements or Vision Book (which I'll share about more later), you know I'm all about that Dreamer & Doer life! I'm passionate about seeing women discover and create strategies to go after their God-given dreams. Well...there was one dream that I had that only God and a friend of mine knew about. So here's the deal...

I'm a huge fan of Noonday Collection jewelry and accessories. Not only are their pieces beautiful but they are making a difference in some of the world's most vulnerable communities. It's jewelry and accessory with a purpose. They partner with artisans all over the world to develop their businesses through fair trade, empowering them to grow sustainably and create dignified jobs for people who need them. Having spent time in Ethiopia during my daughter's adoption, this is just something that really pulls my heart because I've seen the need and the difference opportunity makes.

Well...one of my girlfriends has been such a great ambassador for the artisans and let me tell you I LOVE hanging out at her gatherings where she tells the stories of the artisans, how the pieces came about AND how I can pair them with my wardrobe to take it to the next level. So y'all I'm all into Noonday. So that dream I was talking about...I secretly wanted to collaborate with Noonday somehow. My thought was, "Man, it would be so cool to be photographed and placed in their catalogue with me wearing the jewelry." So in 2016, it went on my dream list and as I said the ONLY two who knew about that secret desire was God and another friend of mine (who is not connected to Noonday at all).

Some months ago, co-CEO Jessica Honnegar who is also a fellow adoptive mom had her team reach out to me to invite me to be on her podcast to talk about goals. Did y'all just hear me???? Say what, God?!!! Jessica is one of those no-nonsense get it done kind of chicks. She's my WCW and she was reaching out to invite me to be interviewed by HER?!!! Okay, God. You totally one-upped me (per usual) on that dream. We landed on a date and the rest is HISstory. Jessica was amazing and true to form, God showed up and we had an engaging conversation that we promised to continue again, perhaps at the end of this year. I'm still kind of pinching myself because while I know the power of dreams, it just leaves your jaw-dropped when it is manifested.

So friends, here it is! Take a listen and please share with your girlfriends. There really are some gems in our dialogue as we talk goals and some good belly laughs about a little Real Housewives of Atlanta gem I dropped on Jessica. LOL.

Thanks Jessica... I love you dearly.

Ladies, be sure to check out Noonday Collection here and let me know if there are any pieces just calling your name. I'd love to get you connected to a Noonday Ambassador. As my daughter Selah says, "I spy with my little eyes...." that Folktale Necklace from India on page 60 and those Forestry Ear Climbers from Peru on page 20 . Have mercy! Get in my closet!!!

So listen....let me know what resonates with you about setting goals that really work and as always, please share this with a friend. Selah also says, "Sharing is caring." So care for somebody today! And if you'd like to book me for your podcast or a speaking engagement, simply email me at michelle@dreams-unleashed.com or visit www.dreams-unleashed.com/speakup.

Cheers to unleashing your dreams, friends!